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Academic Requirements

Each enrollee must have a valid high school diploma, or GED certificate. Ability benefit test can be taken.

Enrollment Information Shortcuts
Take the fast track to enrollment today using these links.

Advanced Nail Tech Tuition Payment Page.

$150.00 Application Fee (Non Refundable)

To Apply to Advanced Nail Tech Academy you must send in an application.

$600.00 Deposit

Deposit must be paid in full 2 weeks before the first day of class. Purchase covers Supply Kit which is $400.00 and the purchase of books which is $117.00

$4793.00 School Full Tuition Total

Receive a $250.00 discount when you pay full tuition upfront. Original price is $4793.00

$600.00 Tuition Weekly Payment

Each student will be able to make their monthly payment here.

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