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Meet The Administrators

Anta Director


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Founder, Academy Director

My passion for developing Advanced Nail Tech Academy over 20 years ago. I wanted emphasize the importance of branding, marketing, and professionalism while teaching Advanced techniques to ensure our Academy techs  are "salon ready" upon graduation from Advanced Nail Tech Academy. I'm extremely proud of our past graduates, and look forward to coaching future graduates to come! Onward!

ANTA Administrator


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My name is Felecia and I am excited about my role as administrator of Advanced Nail Tech Academy!It is an absolute pleasure to assist our Academy Techs with enrolling in our program and completing it successfully to reach their goal of becoming a "salon Ready" nail technician.

ANTA Administrative Assistant


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Administrative Assistant

Hi, I'm Tasha aka baby goat. I love doing nails because I get to express my creative mind and help the salon maintain its welcoming and professional flow. I specialize in Phil's feel set pedicures in jail polish services. I would like to grow my nail repair skills.

ANTA Instructor.jpg


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◦ I’m Dorena, fall 2022 graduate of Advanced Nail Tech Academy, and intend to be a life long learner in this industry. I am a trained permanent makeup artist as well as a master level reiki healing practitioner.  I am a firm believer that if you look good you feel good and in this world it’s those little things that can brighten our day, such as nails💅🏾. I love working with natural nails, but currently perfecting my sculpting with acrylic and gel. Although, you will mostly see me in black my nails are always the hint of brightness I hope to bring to you in my services.

ANTA Instructor


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My love for nails came after losing my cousin. My cousin loved nails, getting hers nails done and up until she passed away a nail tech would come to her. I thought that was so amazing. After telling my husband I wanted to do nails, It was up from there. I taught myself through watching YouTube coming to advance and it'll take Academy. Since being here. My dreams and nails have sore from just being licensed, traveling salon, nail tech and an instructor so much more.

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