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Learn How To Become An Academy Tech Student Now!

Take your next step to building the future you want to see for yourself!

Our quick, and easy admissions process will get you enrolled in the next season of upcoming classes!

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School Tuition Total | $4650.00

Admission Process



$150 Application Fee

To Apply to Advanced Nail Tech Academy you must send in an application.


$400- Supply Kit

Each Academy Tech will recieve a hand picked kit for the program. These products will be the only products used during the duration of the program.


$121 - Books and Study Material

Our carefully chosen study guides, material, and workbooks are required for every Academy Tech to have for the duration of their program.


$393- State Board Fee

Each student will be prepared to sign up for state board manicure testing as soon as they graduate! Including the state board fee in the tuition, sets Academy Techs up for immediate success!


Academic Requirements

Each enrollee must have a valid high school diploma, or GED certificate. 

Ability benefit test can be taken.

Academic Requiremets
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