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What is FSET?
The Food Share Employment and Training (FSET) program is funded through State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture through Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Funds.

The purpose of FSET is to provide Food Share members free assistance and support needed to obtain competitive employment or enhance opportunities for career advancement. Services are designed to use the strengths, needs and preferences of the job seeker that will result in successful employment and increased earning potential.

The Workforce Resource FSET program offers individual services to help you identify our strengths, needs and job preferences, as well as services to support you in your job search.

Education and Training in FSET

Workforce Resource’s FSET program has connections to a wide variety of education and training opportunities. Education and Job Skills Training can help a person gain higher-wage positions and lead to a long-term career.

To be eligible, a person must be a recipient of FoodShare and be enrolled in the FSET program. If you take part in the FSET program, a career planner will work with you to develop an employment plan to meet your needs, which may include: increasing job skills/education, earning a GED or HSED certificate, getting help with support services to attend school and/or training. Training must be approved by the FSET Career Planner and incorporated into the person’s Employment Plan before funding is available. Funding is limited, so not all training requests may be approved. In some cases, we can partner with other programs, including WIOA, DVR and W-2 (if eligible) to share costs for co-enrolled customers.

This page provides information on a variety of education and training opportunities. If you are interested in a training that is not listed on this page, please be sure to talk to your Career Planner about the opportunity!

Approval Process

FSET can support short term education opportunities that are two years or less. FSET may be able to assist with educational costs including tuition, books, supplies or transportation costs. Training approval is required prior to being funded through the FSET program. A Career Planner will guide you through this process. The approval process evaluates:

Is the training for an in-demand job?

Have you demonstrated interest in this field for a career (evaluated through career assessments)?

Are you able to get to the training?

Does the FSET program have available funding?

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